Please join us in praying for this situation in Malawi – as reported by Pastor Andrew:

“Please, continue to pray for Malawi. The month of February has been hard for Malawi. We expected rains to continue in this month of February, but the rains stopped. So for those who planted their Maize seeds lately, are really suffering, as the dry spell has come again, and the Maize instead of progressing is withering, causing many Malawians here panicking that the hunger situation will continue to the year 2025. And that the hunger situation will be much worse than what we have been experiencing in the past few years.

“Pray for God’s intervention, that our elderly widowed men and women, homeless, orphans and disabled people, and every Malawian be saved, as a result of a disastrous moment of hunger Malawi will be still going through.

“For our Maize field for children living with disabilities, at least we expect to harvest maize because we planted early. Although the rains have gone, we have something to praise the Lord for – our disabled children will feed on this land.

“But as in our community area and the country as whole, 2024 to 2025 will be very tough, as many families will continue to spend a day without eating food. We know when the country is experiencing hunger, many become malnourished, and some die.

“We pray for God to save His people. Food is a basic need for everyone, each day everyone needs to eat and it is our prayer that no one should die because of hunger.

“And that despite this hunger, Malawi knows Jesus as their Savior, for repentance of their sins, becoming more obedient to God, and the increase in His God’s kingdom.

“Your brother in Christ Jesus, Pastor Andrew.”