A Story of Answered Prayer in Malawi

In the last few months we’ve seen some amazing answers to prayer in Malawi. On December 15th, Pastor Andrew Mithowa sent us a request for prayer which we shared on our Kingfisher Family Facebook page:

Please, may you pray for Malawi. There is a long drought here in Malawi. The rains have stopped and as a result some maize seeds did not germinate and other maize crops are still withering due to a long dry spell. People are now struggling with hunger here. Please, pray for God’s intervention and that God gives us rains soon, so we may replant our maize seeds soon!”

Just five days later we got this report of answered prayer from Pastor Andrew:

Thank you for your prayers! We have started receiving rains here in Malawi! Praise the Lord! Now we have got relief and people now can replant their maize seeds. Please continue to pray for Malawi, that all parts of the country should have stable rains to help our maize crops grow!”

On the 12th January 2024 we got a message from Pastor Andrew after he discovered a way to help the families in his area who have children with disabilities. He had put aside some land to plant crops to help feed these families. Everything was ready and waiting for the rain so the crops could grow.

“What we were eagerly waiting for was to have stable rains. Today, we have stable rains, and the maize field is doing so well! What a blessing from our Lord Jesus Christ.

“We expect if the rains continue to be stable, we will have a great harvest, and our disabled children will really be blessed to eat maize that has been harvested from this field.

“I feel God is honouring the plan that we set for these families, as we try to eliminate their hunger. We expect to expand, and have many maize fields in the coming years, so we are able to help our people!”

Now we have a new challenge for prayer. The rains that came have stopped early, putting many people’s crops once again in peril. Please pray again that the rains will continue and that the main harvest will be rescued.