Reaching Out to the most Vulnerable

Pastors Joseph and Aggie Maravanyika are pastors of Kingfisher Church in Mutare, Zimbabwe. Pastor Aggie is a teacher and runs a school called Lamour Primary School, which reaches out to an increasing number of children, including those with physical disabilities and mental illness. This is their most recent report:

“We would like to say thank you so very much to Kingfisher family church in UK for making the mission possible in Zimbabwe. We are so grateful. Here’s a quick update on how we started the new year:

Church: we thank God for taking his church into the new year. We are so grateful for His grace. The first ten days of the year we dedicated them to prayer and fasting for the whole Kingfisher international family church and our senior Pastor James Burn. We are having a Baptism of new converts next Sunday and we are also looking forward to do revivals and Easter Conference and Couples meetings. The Women ministry will continue meeting for prayers and teachings every Friday afternoon hoping to have a Women Conference in the last quarter of the year. And the men ministry meets twice a month due to workload.

School: we started well with 80 preschool and primary school students. We have five teachers and two cleaners. We are also feeding these children daily lunch as they can not afford to bring from their homes.

Disabilities department: we are now helping 50 children with different disabilities and monthly we give toiletries including diapers and formula to some with severe brain retardation. And we will have our winter event and year end Christmas event for these underprivileged families.

Prayer request: we are in desperate need of a two classroom blocks as we can no longer house the 80 children in our two roomed wooden classrooms. We are also in need of a motor car for mobility as we visit the children with disabilities in their different locations every two weeks. And we visit our Kingfisher assembly in Harare and Mutare. We are excited by many who are giving their lives to Christ. We are trusting God in everything!”

It has been exciting to see the ministry grow over the past few years and we pray God’s blessing on both Pastors Joseph and Aggie as they continue to minister to these children and to many others. We pray that the Lord will open doors for them regarding the need for classroom space and for transportation.